Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Goldbergs take on London

Carly at Buckingham Palace
Today started off early with packing and leaving Nido Spitalfields for the heart of London. After getting lost on the tube with my suitcase that weighs as much as a large toddler, I made my way into the hotel that I'm staying at with my family. I was able to check in, and I headed up to the room excited for a change of scenery. I had big plans to take a walk in Hyde Park, go for a run, or read at an outside cafe, but all that changed when I saw the bed in our room. A solid hour nap while I waited for my family to arrive was just what I needed.

Pubbin with Cah!
It was so great to see my parents and Carly, and it's surreal that they are in London. When I saw them, I realized how much I missed them all! It's been fun to show them around the city and share my London knowledge. I showed my Dad what the coins mean, and I even successfully guided my family on the tube to the London Eye and back to our hotel! I was even shocked we didn't end up getting lost. My family went to a local pub for dinner so they could experience their first taste of traditional English food. The pub, called the Phoenix, was so adorable and the best ambiance in a restaurant I've seen to date. I'm thinking of importing it to Ann Arbor. 

Gilly Hicks advert
Afterwards, we took the tube to Waterloo and walked to the London Eye. Before reaching the ferris wheel, however, we were distracted by a double decker bus full of shirtless lifeguards throwing women's underwear to the crowd below. It was an advertising ploy from a new clothing company in London, and it was hilarious to watch little children so excited to catch what was being thrown and then drop the underwear to the streets the moment they realized they weren't candy. Of course, Janet thoroughly enjoyed the shirtless men on the bus. 

We boarded the London Eye and experienced incredible views of the city. It was fun to point out the places I visited and toured to my family. I finally feel like I'm starting to know this city, though I know that will never fully be possible — even alleys have street names here! Tomorrow, we are looking forward to what my Mom calls "Queen for a Day Day" in honor of mother's day. Since we are staying near Buckingham Palace, it should be easy to honor my mom as the Queen Mum :)

Goldberg Girls!

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